Take Action for Space

Advance science and exploration


Take Action for Space

You can help kickstart the most exciting time for space exploration since the Moon landing.

By signing the petition to President Donald Trump and presumptive nominee Joe Biden, you’ll take action for space by telling them that you want to prioritize NASA funding and programs for missions that matter.

President Donald Trump and Presumptive Nominee Joe Biden:

As a supporter of The Planetary Society, I wish to express my strong support for NASA and its efforts to explore the solar system and understand our cosmos. Space science and exploration is a priority for me and represents a critical investment in our future.

I implore you to:

  • Prioritize NASA funding and programs
  • Increase funding for planetary exploration, including sending humans beyond Earth orbit, and the robotic exploration of Mars, ocean worlds, and other high-priority destinations
  • Support NASA’s search for life beyond Earth on the ocean moons of our outer solar system and with sample return missions from Mars

There is strong bipartisan support for NASA and its science and exploration programs. Investing in NASA is an investment in high-skilled jobs throughout the country. It inspires our best and brightest to be excited about the future, even in challenging times. I thank you for your support.


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Image credit: Martin Falbisoner