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Our Advocacy Program provides each Society member a voice in the process. Funding is critical. The more we have, the more effective we can be, translating into more missions, more science, and more exploration.

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The Planetary Fund

The Planetary Fund accelerates progress in our four core enterprises—Robotic Space Exploration, Human Space Exploration, Planetary Defense, and The Search for Life. You can support the entire fund, or designate a core enterprise of your choice.



Last year, the Society’s dream of solar sailing came true with the successful test flight of our LightSail 1 spacecraft. Soon, LightSail 2 will launch aboard the SpaceX Falcon Heavy. Be part of this epic point in space exploration history!



One of our most intriguing endeavors is the search for planets outside our own Solar System. Exoplanet Hunters are constantly developing new telescopic technologies to help located new Earth-like celestial bodies around stars in the depths of space.

planetary deep drill auger

Planetary Deep Drill

Our Planetary Deep Drill is being developed with Honeybee Robotics to dig deeper in subsurface planetary exploration. It just underwent successful testing, and will one day explore the mysteries below icy planetary surfaces.

Mat Kaplan and Enceladus

Planetary Radio

Each week, Planetary Radio visits with a scientist, engineer, project manager, astronaut, advocate or writer who provides a unique and exciting perspective on the exploration of our solar system and beyond. We hit the road now and then to produce a Planetary Radio Live show in front of an audience.

Earth and asteroid

Shoemaker Near-Earth Object Grant Program

The Planetary Society's Shoemaker Grant program supports amateur observers, observers in developing countries, and professional astronomers following up potentially hazardous asteroids.



A new technique to sample planetary regolith (the upper surface materials that overlie bedrock). It has the potential to be comparatively low-cost and very reliable due in part to a lack of moving parts. It can be used on Mars, the Moon, or asteroids.

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Saturn and moons

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Want to honor someone? Join the New Millennium Committee? Give stock or make a gift from your estate? You can support The Planetary Society, and space exploration, in the way that is best for you.

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