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When you become a member, you join our mission to increase discoveries in our solar system and beyond, elevate the search for life outside our planet, and decrease the risk of Earth being hit by an asteroid.

Carl Sagan co-founded this nonprofit for those who believe in exploration to take action together. Are you with us?

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Bill Nye
CEO, The Planetary Society

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As a Member, You Enjoy Special Privileges

Basic benefits include:

  • personalized membership card and social media donor badge
  • subscription to The Planetary Report magazine (choose digital or print)
  • member e-newsletters
  • opportunities to influence space programs through our advocacy campaigns
  • invitations to special events including Planetary Radio Live
  • your name sent to space on select space missions
  • access to our exciting worldwide member travel programs

In addition, as a special thank-you for your support, we offer unique premiums to members the first time that you join or upgrade to a new level of membership. Check out our cool swag!

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Simple monthly donations make it easy to join at your highest desired level.

Are you a student? Consider our Curiosity Team.

Want to give the gift of space to someone special? Check out our Gift Memberships.

New Planetary Society T-Shirt

When you first join at the Explorer level or higher, it will include the official Planetary Society T-shirt designed exclusively for members.

Explorer 1


All Basic benefits plus:

  • Official member T-shirt in your choice of size

$4/mo • $50/yr

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Explorer Family/Dual

Must be in the same household. All Basic benefits plus:

  • A second official member T-shirt in your choice of size
  • Two personalized membership cards

$6/mo • $75/yr

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Mariner 9


All Explorer Individual benefits plus:

  • Official member logo pin

$10/mo • $125/yr

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Sojourner rover on Mars


All Mariner benefits plus:

  • Space Images: an awe-inspiring set of four 8x10 inch prints

$20/mo • $250/yr

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Soar Higher! New Millennium Committee

We're motivated by our shared belief that space exploration is critical to the future of humanity. As a member at our most elite level, you can help launch projects to get us out there farther and faster.

MAVEN at Mars


All Pathfinder benefits plus:

  • Recognition in the New Millennium Committee, the Society’s most prestigious donor recognition society, including name recognition in The Planetary Report and on
  • Exclusive advocacy teleconferences with Chief Advocate Casey Dreier and CEO Bill Nye
  • Planetary Society logo pen — made of 100% aerospace-grade real carbon fiber

$40/mo • $500/yr

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Mariner 2


All Visionary benefits plus:

  • Space exploration calendar

$80/mo • $1,000/yr

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Mars Global Surveyor


All Scout benefits plus:

  • Official sterling silver logo pin

$200/mo • $2,500/yr

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Mars Exploration Rover


All Surveyor benefits:

  • Pin, patch, and medallion set for LightSail

$400/mo • $5,000/yr

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Pioneer 10 or 11 art


All Rover benefits plus:

  • Official gold-plated logo pin
  • Acknowledgement on Planetary Radio broadcast

$825/mo • $10,000/yr

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Voyager 2


All Pioneer benefits plus:

  • Postcards from Mars book and art-framed photograph autographed by author and Planetary Society board member, Dr. Jim Bell

$1,650/mo • $20,000/yr

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New Horizons over Pluto art

New Horizons

All Voyager benefits plus:

  • The Planetary Society brass telescope

$2,500/mo • $30,000/yr

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We're excited to have you join but understand you may have questions. We've compiled answers to our Frequently Asked Questions and encourage you to contact us if you still have any outstanding questions.

Together we'll advance space science and exploration!

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