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Keep Great Missions Going Strong


Keep Great Missions Going Strong in 2024

Tomorrow’s discoveries begin today.


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Thanks to your support, this year was filled with projects that took space science, space advocacy, and educational outreach to new destinations. From advocating for missions that matter, to funding new technology, to grants for planetary research and biology in space, to sharing the wonder of space exploration with the world — YOU make it all happen!

Many of the great scientific missions we’ve dreamed of and fought for are happening and it's thanks to your support as a proud space advocate. But we can’t stop now — because tomorrow’s discoveries must begin today! With you by our side, we can keep our work going strong into 2024 and continue to explore worlds, find life, and defend Earth.

Your year-end contribution will go far to help launch us into all the exciting opportunities tomorrow will bring. Thank you!

Onward to a better future for all humankind,

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