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It is possible to deflect deadly asteroids headed for Earth … but only if we find them in time! With a gift today, you can power the team of astronomers keeping their eyes on the sky to defend Earth.

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Image: S. Brunier/ESO

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Power the work of asteroid hunters around the world

Dangerous asteroid impacts are rare, but they do happen. And they will continue to happen unless we can prevent them. That’s where you come in!

You can be part of the solution to save humankind from the only large-scale natural disaster that can one day be prevented — potentially dangerous asteroids and comets or Near-Earth Objects (NEO)!

With the support of people like you, The Planetary Society helps astronomers from around the world through our Shoemaker Near-Earth Objects Grant Program, given every two years. Named after Planetary Geologist, Gene Shoemaker, these grants provide funds so that astronomers can upgrade their observing equipment to help find, track, and characterize potentially dangerous asteroids. The more expert asteroid hunters you help us fund through Shoemaker NEO Grants, the more we’ll be prepared to defend Earth!

You can help advance the search for these near-Earth objects with a gift of any amount.

Will you join our mission to defend Earth?

As part of The Planetary Society team, YOU can help create a better future for all humankind.

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