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Our progress isn't possible without you. Double your impact as a Space Advocate when you make a gift today.

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Our Progress Isn’t Possible Without You!

As a Planetary Society supporter, you’re part of the largest and most influential non-profit space organization in the world and together, we’re creating a bigger and bolder future for humankind — thank you!

Your support enables our team to make sure every U.S. Representative and Senator in Congress understands why space exploration is a critical part of U.S. national policy. Every year, we implore Congress to maintain sufficient funding for current NASA missions to make sure they stay on track and meet their scientific objectives.

With 81 new members in Congress and several returning members joining space-related committees which could impact NASA’s future projects, our time to act is NOW.

One thing you can do right now to support all this work is to make a gift. When you give today, your donation will be matched up to $75,000 thanks to a generous Planetary Society member who also wants to keep our advocacy efforts going strong!

Next, U.S. residents can sign this petition asking Congress to support the critical 7% increase to NASA‘s budget to ensure our continued ability to explore the Solar System and the cosmos beyond.

As part of The Planetary Society team, YOU can help create a better future for all humankind.

Let’s change the world!

Bill Nye
Bill Nye

Bill Nye
CEO, The Planetary Society

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