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Be A Space Advocate!

Act now to help keep our space program going strong. Make your voice heard and tell our newly elected officials to make space a priority.

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Be A Space Advocate

Space exploration doesn’t just happen—our greatest missions take years to develop and they are only made possible with approved funding. That’s where you and The Planetary Society come in. As the world’s largest independent space advocacy group, we educate and encourage policymakers to invest in space science and exploration.

It’s time to activate our space advocacy network to protect our future in space—and that includes YOU!

So many exciting space missions depend on this new U.S. Administration and Congress—but it’s YOU that enables the unique work we do to reach them. Your contribution to the future of space exploration is very real.

First, make your donation. Plus, a generous Society member who cares about space advocacy will match your gift—up to a total of $50,000!

Next, U.S. residents can sign the petition telling the new U.S. Administration and Congress you want to keep our space program going strong through effective political advocacy.

With your generous gift, we’ll keep advocating for more missions that matter.

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