Earth-like Planets


Advance the Search for Earth-like Planets!

Support the work of renowned exoplanet hunter Dr. Debra Fischer and her team as part of their 100 Earths project.


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Update March 16: Announcing $10,000 member challenge

Great news! An anonymous Planetary Society member has come forward with a challenge for you and every Society supporter—he’s pledged $10,000 towards our goal. Like our famous CEO, Bill Nye, this member believes that finding life on another world would change everything about how humans understand themselves and our place in the universe.

He also loves to contribute to smaller, critical needs—like the photonic crystal fiber—where a relatively modest sum can make an outsized impact on a larger project.

Will you join him and help find 100 Earths?

Advance the search for Earth-like planets!

We search for life beyond our solar system because we have insatiable curiosity, a passion for beauty and awe, and a gift for creating the technology to explore the universe.

We need to know if there is life out there.

Planetary Society members support the groundbreaking work of renowned exoplanet hunters Debra Fischer and Joe Llama, and their team, as part of the 100 Earths project, which seeks to find 100 Earth-sized planets around nearby stars.

Thank you for helping to advance the search for life.


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