Essential Advocacy

More missions, more science, more exploration


Essential Advocacy

Our Space Policy & Advocacy program is independent and effective. Through it we represent our members in Washington, D.C. Our goal? More missions, more science, and more exploration.

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The Planetary Society’s Space Policy & Advocacy program’s mission is to enable NASA to find life in our lifetimes. We can achieve this mission because we are the largest independent voice for space exploration in Washington, D.C.

No other organization has the credibility, resources, and capability to effectively represent your views. We give you a voice, an inside channel of information, and the ability to make a difference. Our independence means we rely on investments made by our members and donors to enable our work.

Funding for our Advocacy program is critical. The more funding we have, the more effective we can be, which ultimately translates into more missions, more science, and more exploration.

A small investment now could pay off in a major way. Our future at Mars, the Moon, Europa, and beyond depends on our ability to advocate for space.

Thank you for being part of the strong coalition speaking out for space science and exploration.

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