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Share your passion for space exploration by giving a gift membership to The Planetary Society. Together we'll create our own missions, nurture new science and technology, advocate for space, and educate the world.

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Members Enjoy Special Privileges

Basic benefits include:

In addition, as a special thank-you for your support, we offer unique premiums to members the first time that you give or upgrade to a new level of membership. Check out our cool swag!

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New Planetary Society T-Shirt

When you first give or later upgrade to a new level, memberships at the Explorer level or higher include the official Planetary Society T-shirt designed exclusively for members.



Our Curiosity Team membership is dedicated to providing inquisitive students a path to exploration and engagement. Includes all Basic benefits.


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Special membership rate for seniors. Includes all Basic benefits.


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Thank you for cultivating the next generation of interplanetary explorers! Includes all Basic benefits.


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Explorer 1


All Basic benefits plus:

  • Official member T-shirt in your choice of size


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people holding explorer

Explorer Family/Dual

All Basic benefits plus:

  • A second official member T-shirt in your choice of size
  • Two personalized membership cards


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Mariner 9


All Explorer Individual benefits, plus:

  • Official member logo pin
  • Name listing on our Donor Honor Roll


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Sojourner rover on Mars


All Mariner benefits plus:

  • LightSail poster by ChopShop


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Soar Higher! New Millennium Committee

We're motivated by our shared belief that space exploration is critical to the future of humanity. Give a membership at our most elite level and you can help launch projects to get us out there farther and faster.

MAVEN at Mars


All Pathfinder benefits plus:

  • Recognition in the New Millennium Committee, the Society’s most prestigious donor recognition society, including name recognition in The Planetary Report and on
  • Exclusive advocacy teleconferences with Director of Space Policy Casey Dreier and CEO Bill Nye
  • Planetary Society greeting cards with planetary photos


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Mariner 2


All Visionary benefits plus:

  • Year in Space desk calendar


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Mars Global Surveyor


All Scout benefits plus:

  • Official sterling silver logo pin


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Mars Exploration Rover


All Surveyor benefits plus:

  • Pin, patch, and medallion set for LightSail


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Pioneer 10 or 11 art


All Rover benefits plus:

  • Official gold-plated logo pin
  • Acknowledgement on Planetary Radio broadcast
  • Invitation to witness the LightSail launch


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Voyager 2


All Pioneer benefits plus:

  • Postcards from Mars book and art-framed photograph autographed by author and Planetary Society President, Dr. Jim Bell


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New Horizons over Pluto art

New Horizons

All Voyager benefits plus:

  • The Planetary Society brass telescope


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We're excited to have you give a membership but understand you may have questions. We've compiled answers to our Frequently Asked Questions and encourage you to contact us if you still have any outstanding questions.

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New Planetary Society T-Shirt

First-time renewals in our new membership program include the official new Planetary Society t-shirt designed exclusively for members.

As a member of the Explorer Family/Dual level, you're entitled to a second membership card and T-shirt! Please note that name fields for the second membership card must be completed.

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